Paintball Tournament Results

MPL - Events #1, #2, #3

Event #1

Things started out slow for Team Karnage with mixed players and a new season. Both sqauds went to MPL and played hard. Team "A" lost their last game which threw them into 5th place instead of 2nd place. Team "B" played well coming out even. There are things that both teams have to work on and see hopefully an improvement next month.

Event #2

A Huge improvement from both teams. Each team dominated D2 by coming out on top. Team "A" finished the day with only 1 loss and placed 1st place; moving up to D1. Team "B" finished the day with only a few losses and placing 3rd. Team "B" would have got 2nd place only if they got a few more point. We'll see if both teams can improve again next month.

Event #3

New experience for Team "A" in D1 playing with more experienced competition. It was a rough day for Team "A" and to get on their feet. Team "A" seemed like they couldn't finish the game, but they did perform well. Team "A" finally won a few games after lunch finishing in 6th place. There is always room for improvement. Just forget it and start thinking about the next tournament. Team "B" performed well also but it seemed like they were struck with a curse. Everything they did good turned into something bad. Both teams need to focus for next months 5-Man tournament.

Hole in the Wall

Unexpectedly entering in the Father's Day 5-Man tournament, a mix of players from Team "A" and "B" played on the new PSP Chicago field layout. Only a few team showed up but it was still a good range of competition. Team Karnage started out slow but soon fired up and started to win some games. At the day's end, Team Karnage finished in 2nd place behind BDK by 80 points.

Cap-City Chaos 5-Man


Colors 5-Man